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Does AgentsLight® obstruct the view to my sign?
No, AgentsLight® rests on the main post of your yard sign.  It does not in any way inhibit the view to your sign graphics.  This design allows you to illuminate both your sign and your rider too.

My unit turns off after blinking three or five times. How do i fix this?                                 1. Make sure that it is dark outside so the unit can turn on.
2. Make sure the unit has received at least three to four hours of sunlight to charge the batteries.
3. If this has not resolved the issue, replace the three rechargeable AA batteries.

Why does Agentslight® needs batteries if it is solar?                                                            The three rechargeable AA batteries store the energy the unit is receiving from the sun during the day so it can release it at night in the form of light.

What kind of batteries do i need?                                                                                                 Three AA NiMH rechargeable batteries with a capacity of 1800mha or greater.

I installed it, and when I turned it to 3Hr /  5Hr, it blinked three / five times, stayed on nice and bright for about a minute, then shut off. Can you explain/fix?                         You may need to charge the unit in the sun for one day.  This will bring the batteries in the unit back to full health.  The unit will shut down as you described if it sees light or if the batteries are not charged. See above three questions.

How often do I need to replace the batteries?
Agentslight® uses 3 AA rechargeable 1800 mAH NiMH batteries.  Batteries are included and should last 1.5-2 years according to the manufacturer.  After that you can purchase replacement rechargeable batteries at your favorite home improvement or discount store.  Please recycle used batteries appropriately.

I’m not very handy, can I really install this light by myself?
Yes, AgentsLight® does not require you to use any tools, which means no more drilling holes in your post.  If you can install a lock box, you can install the AgentsLight®.

How do I secure my AgentsLight®?
AgentsLight® locking arms are constructed of steel and a simple pad lock is provided. You can replace the pad lock with a master type key or combination lock if you choose. Most common locker locks will fit with a shackle up to 8 mm.  Unlike other lights that use a generic tool that is universal on all other lights of that brand, only YOU have the key to unlock your own unit.

It's not very sunny in my neighborhood, or my sign is obstructed by buildings or trees.  Will AgentsLight® still work?
We recommend the sign be installed in an area with direct sunlight.  If this is not possible, simply aim the solar panel away from the obstruction.  AgentsLight® is designed to have enough capacity to operate in cloudy conditions and still provide up to 5 hrs. of light.  Results may vary depending on temperature and sunlight.

Do I have to install Agentslight® at night so I can see where to point it?
Because of its expert design, AgentsLight® can be installed at any time. When you select from 3 hr. or 5+ hr. illumination, all LEDs instantly flash 3 or 5 times. This provides instant confirmation that all systems are working

I want to do my part to help the environment, but other products say solar lights are not as bright; is this true?
AgentsLight® uses 10 Jumbo Super-Bright LED’s for a total combined light of 100,000 mcd.  Battery operated units provide only half that amount.  Using state of the art technology, AgentsLight® proprietary design uses the solar panel not only to charge the batteries but also to detect dusk and dawn.  This dramatically reduces energy waste and ensures you will only receive the brightest and most consistent light available on the market today.
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